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Zeus Drip

Get your fertility game back on track with this Zeus Drip.

We live in a world full of toxins. When fertility issues arise, we have to look at the incubating system for the eggs and the sperm. Detoxing these systems and supporting them with essential vitamins can help the body reset itself and make for a fertile ground. When IVs are utilized with other healing modalities, fertility is possible. Sperm is highly sensitive to oxidative stress. The production of excessive amounts of free radicals contributes to the mechanism behind male factor infertility. Our Zeus Drip will help your body clear excessive free radicals + promote optimal fertilization while you plug and play.

The Zeus Drip contains Zinc, Selenium, Carnitine, 5 MTHF, Vitamin C and B 12. These are essential components in the IV Drip for fertility.

AED 1299

Poor diet


Vitamin deficiencies


Exposure to poor environment

Reignite Your Fertility Journey


  • Boosts energy and testosterone levels
  • Detoxifies body off free radicals
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Reduces Oxidative Damage
  • Promotes Fertility


Improves sperm quality


Improves sperm motility


Reduces oxidative damage


Increases sperm concentration


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