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Hairfall Defense

Supercharge your hair!

Some needles hurt and some don’t! IV Vitamins for hair are new to our nice-needle list. This IV includes a combination of B Vitamins and minerals for strengthening and fortification, guaranteed to give you renewed locks that you can flaunt.

The star ingredient of this IV Drip is Biotin. Vitamin b7 or Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that boosts the strength and appearance of your hair. It works largely by improving the infrastructure of your hair at the cellular level. The other vitamin and minerals in the drip work harmoniously to improve the quality of your hair by preventing sodium buildup (leading to reduced hair fall), accelerating follicle recovery, strengthening the hair shaft, and helping the body regulate cell turnover.

AED 899

Pollutant Exposure




Hair fall & Hair Thinning

Supercharge your hair!


  • Increases cell production for healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Reduces the risk of scalp inflammation
  • Improves collagen formation and hydrates the skin


Promotes hair growth by nourishing the roots and strengthening hair shafts


Hair loss is often a direct consequence of Vitamin B12. The B12 in our drop improves scalp and blood circulation, promoting hair growth.


Makes your hair follicles stronger by improving their basic structural integrity


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