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Queen Victoria Drip

Revitalize, Empower, Conceive: Elevate Your Fertility Journey with IV Therapy

For conception, your body requires a precise blend of vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly and protect the health of your internal environment. This can be a difficult goal to accomplish through diet and supplements alone. As a result, if you’re unknowingly deficient in certain vitamins, you can suffer from unexplained infertility, implantation failure, and recurrent miscarriage. Our Fertility Drip works by sending the vital nutrients you need directly into your blood stream, so your body receives them in their most potent and powerful form.

Our Queen Victoria Drip contains ingredients like 5MHTF, Megadose of Vitamin C, Rinoflavin, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Acetylcysteine and Zinc which are essential for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

AED 1299

When to Drip


Poor Diet


Pre Conception


Vitamin Deficiencies

Elevating Hope, Restoring Possibilities: Female Fertility IV Therapy for Your Journey Ahead


  • Enhances fertility
  • Improves egg quality resulting in better quality embryos
  • Increased chances of a healthy pregnance
  • Restore vital vitamins and nutrients
  • Protect your cells from damage
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Create an internal environment optimal for coneption
  • Eliminate toxins that could be further impeding fertility


Promotes methylation that attributes to positive conception outcomes


Supports the growth of healthy eggs and promotes ovulation

Vitamin B6

Helps in the production of hormones that strengthen the uterine lining while increasing the chances of conception


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