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Chelation Therapy

Detoxify your body of heavy metals

More often than we realize, our bodies come across heavy metals such as lead, iron, arsenic, and mercury. These heavy metals can enter the bloodstream through pollution, water, food, air, and the environment. Especially in a highly developed place like United Arab Emirates, metal poisoning is common. Consequentially, we tend to suffer from chronic diseases due to the toxicity of these heavy metals. While most bodies have the capability of eliminating these toxic substances, others do not. This could be attributed to several reasons including existing medical conditions, poor diet, and cancerous tissues.

This is when IV Chelation Therapy in Dubai can be the ultimate solution. Here’s what you should know about IV Chelation Therapy:

AED 1299

When to Drip


Heavy Metal Poisoning

Purify your system from the burden of heavy metals.


  • Gets rid of heavy metals from body
  • Reduces risks of developing cancer
  • Can reduce fatigue
  • Can lower Blood pressure
  • Can minimize cardiovascular risk
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Can reduce pain and swelling
  • Effective Anti-aging treatment

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