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Dr. Alejandra Beltran

The pinnacle of Aesthetic and Laser
Dr. Alejandra Beltran
Dr. Alejandra Beltran

About Dr. Alejandra Beltran

Dr. Alejandra, our vibrant expert in aesthetic medicine, bringing over 6 years of experience to the table. From her beginnings in Latin America and the United States to her current adventures in Dubai, she's left a lasting impression in aesthetics and hair restoration.Dr. Alejandra's journey is a testament to her relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence. She's proudly certified by the prestigious American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and has mastered the art of laser rejuvenation, adding a fresh twist to her practice.

But what truly makes Dr. Alejandra shine is her genuine passion for highlighting each person's natural beauty. With a toolbox full of certifications in facial and body rejuvenation technologies, she celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. Attending top conferences in dermatology and aesthetic medicine is just one way Dr. Alejandra stays ahead in her field. Each treatment she offers is carefully tailored to fit the specific needs of her patients, aiming to boost their confidence and help them feel at home in their own skin. Dr. Alejandra isn't just a skilled practitioner; she's a firm believer in embracing individuality and staying true to oneself.

Aesthetic Laser Procedures Learning Program
“Lasers And Light Sources, Including IPL”

American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine, 2022
“Certificate In Aesthetic Medicine”

American Safety And Health Institute, 2021
“BLS Training”

DubiMed, 2021
“VIORA Training, Secret Dual Combination Technology”

Fundacion Universitaria Juan N. Corpas, 2017
“Physician And General Surgeon”

INMODE Aesthetic Solutions, 2022
“Morpheus Pro System Training Course”

Medica, 2022
“Ultherapy Training”

Professional Medical Education Association, INC, 2022



Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Escuela de Medicina Juan N Corpas, Colombia

Profesional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine

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